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Weekly Workout 7 – L-Course


30-45 minutes.


Set up cones 10m apart as illustrated below. Each cone represents an exercise listed below. Move in between the cones using the mobile exercises also listed below. Perform 20 reps at each cone, before moving 10m to the next cone. If space is tight, you can simply set up 2 cones, 10 apart and move back and forth completing the program. Complete 3 full rounds of this program, allow 1 minute rest in between rounds. Don’t forget to warm-up/cool-down – enjoy!


1. Kangaroo Hop > Burpees

2. Crab Walk > Commandos

3. Lunge Walk > Pushups

4. Left Wheel Walk > Squat Jumps

5. Right Wheel Walk > Crossovers

6. Creep Hop > Get-Ups

7. Sumo Walk > Lateral Leg Raise

8. Shuttle Run > 1 Minute Rest

Complete 3 rounds in total, with 1 minute rest in between each round.

Warm-Up Exercises:

Cool-Down Exercises:

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