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Weekly Workout 6 – Combos


40 minutes.


This program consists of 4 exercise combos which target different muscle groups for a full body workout. Start with Combo 1 and complete 1 rep of each exercise, then 2 of each, 3 and so on. Keep counting up by 1 rep for 9 minutes without rest. Allow one minute rest in between before repeating this process for Combo 2, 3 and 4. Remember to warm-up and cool-down – enjoy!


1. Combo 1 (LEGS) > Burpees, Squat Jumps, Get-Ups

2. Combo 2 (ARMS) > Pushups, Dips, Commandos

3. Combo 3 (BACK/BUM) > Alive Bug, Pelvic Raise, Leg-Ups

4. Combo 4 (ABS) > Sitting Cycles, Toe Touches, Crossovers

Count up by 1 rep for 9 minutes at each combo, before moving on to the next combo. Allow 1 minute of rest in between combos.

Warm-Up Exercises:

Cool-Down Exercises:

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