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Weekly Workout 3 – On The Move


30-45 minutes.


Set up markers 10m apart in a straight line. Begin with 50 pushups, then lunge walk up and back between the cones (20m), then perform 50 mountain climbers, squat hop up and back, and so on following the program below.


1. Pushups x 50 > Lunge Walk 20m

2. Mountain Climbers x 50 > Squat Hop 20m

3. Alternating Reverse Crunch x 50 > Duck Walk 20m

4. Butterfly Toe Touches x 50 > Sumo Walk 20m

5 rounds in total, decreasing reps by 10 each round. Mobile exercises remain at 20m every round.

Warm-Up Exercises:

Cool-Down Exercises:

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