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Weekly Workout 12 – Core Tabata


30 minutes.


The pattern of core engagement extends further than just your middle abs! This week’s Tabata program will see you engaging your glutes, abs and obliques with every exercise, training the front and back of your body to work in unison to support the lower back. For each exercise listed below, perform the Tabata sequence (20s ON, 10s OFF x 8). Each Tabata sequence runs for 4 minutes including rests, allow 1 minutes rest in between Tabata rounds. Be sure to make time for a warm-up/cool-down – Enjoy!


1. Full Bridge

2. Commandos

3. Deadbug

4. Crossovers

5. Alt Reverse Crunch

6. Lateral Leg Raise

Rest for 1 minute after each 4 minute Tabata sequence

Warm-Up Exercises:

Cool-Down Exercises:

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