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Weekly Workout 1 – Sevens

With many group fitness sessions across the country postponed due to current public health concerns, we’re posting a free bodyweight workout each week that you can perform at home. Our weekly posts will include instructions and videos with exercise demonstrations. For all of these workouts and more, you can check out our ebook on Amazon here. Our warm-up and cool-down sequence can be found at the bottom of this post. For support, email Enjoy, and feel free to leave your comments below!

Video Exercise Manual:


30 minutes.


Perform 7 reps of each of the below exercises, followed by a 1 minute recovery jog. If space is tight, you can jog on the spot. Repeat 7 times without rest. This program is designed to overload the legs, working to fatigue. Be sure to perform a solid warm-up and cool-down in conjunction with this program. All of the exercises in this program are demonstrated below in the video exercise manual.


1. Squat Jumps x 7

2. Lunge Jumps x 7

3. Burpees x 7

4. Start Jumps x 7

5. 180 Squat Jumps x 7

6. Tuck Jumps x 7

7. Half Burpees x 7

One minute recovery jog, repeat 7 times.

Warm-Up Exercises

Cool-Down Exercises

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