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Tabata Track (Free Download)

Tabata is a training sequence that runs for 4 minutes, made up of 8 x 20 second sets of action, and 8 x 10 second sets of rest. It’s a great way to get out plenty of reps, and train at a high intensity. I find it quite an efficient training method, particularly when time is limited.

A nice balanced holiday workout using this training method could be 3 x Tabata sets. Push-ups, Sit-ups and Squats, just as an example, perhaps complimented by a run/swim (assuming you are holidaying in a fantastic and warm coastal destination).

The following link is a track I produced a couple of years ago to keep time during Tabata training. There is a 10 second intro, before the drums kick in to indicate the start of the first 20 second set. The drums will drop out (or go quieter) during the 10 second rest time, and kick back in to indicate the next 20 second set. You’ll be able to anticipate the changes much better after a couple of listens, so give it a go!

F&F Tabata Track (electronica).


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